Founded in 2000, An-Ting Casa is moving toward its 13th year in furniture retail. In the early years, we were exclusively a European furniture dealer. After years of observations and learning in the furniture business, we came to believe that Taiwan manufacturers have the ability to produce quality furniture. Therefore, the end of dealership in 2007 enabled us to dedicate ourselves in furniture design, development and production. With creativeness and efforts, we hope to provide furniture that is delicate, unique, practical and original that would fulfill our customers’ demands and is equal to our foreign counterparts. Our philosophy is to provide products that will generate appreciations to the beauty of the creative minds and crafty hands.

In 2007 An-Ting Casa began to provide the best quality of product and services to the customers. We follow the world trend by utilizing environmental friendly, import materials such as wood from Ballie (the largest timber company in the US) and paint from Becker (EU certified, 140 years old furniture paint provider). The materials not only satisfy government’s regulations, but fulfill our goal to promote the use of green materials. All our products are provided with the proof of origin for the raw materials by the EU, SGS Taiwan. Furthermore, application of MIT Smile Logo is underway, which will put An-Ting Casa’s furniture under evaluation for becoming one of the nation’s top products.

We would like to create better living atmosphere and household feelings. Meanwhile provide a colorful life for the customers with our furniture.