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General Knowledge of Service and Maintenance

Wood - Wood Furniture (e.g. Dinner Table, Bookshelf, and Closet)

Moist air and hot weather of the rainy season could cause damages to the furniture. Keeping good air circulation and dryness, as well as surface cleaning would be good maintenance methods for wood furniture.

Avoid High Temperature and Preserve Dryness:
Due to the nature of woods, direct sunlight and heating vents should be avoided on the furniture. If the furniture is near the windows, close the blinds and curtains, so the coating doesn’t come off. Meanwhile, placing hot food on the wood surface should be avoided to prevent damages due to the spill of hot sauce or soup. Lastly keep good air circulation to maintain dryness of the air.

Clean the Surface Regularly:
Clean the surface of the furniture regularly, but avoiding using corrosive liquids, such as rubbing alcohol, because the corrosive matters could damage the paint. The preferred cleaning method would be cleaning the furniture using feather duster followed wetted towels.

Wood Furniture Maintenance:
* Whip the dust off the surface of the furniture while following the wood grain. Do not use dry towels in order to prevent scratches.
* Regularly apply moisture to solid wood furniture.
* Avoid applying corrosive matters such as rubbing alcohol and nail polish, in order to prevent coating damage.
* The easiest way to repair scratches and dents is to apply shoe polish of the similar color to the damaged areas.